Quick Guide: Micro Flapper Drip Emitters

Drip emitters release water and nutrients to plants from supply line tubing. Initially used in the nursery industry, Micro-Flappers drip emitters are now utilized in drought-tolerant landscapes and high-efficiency systems around the country. A low profile keeps the emitter out of the way eliminating accidental breakage, while uniform distribution keeps plants thriving using minimal water.

They are pressure compensating. Pressure-compensating drip emitters deliver a precise amount of water each time, even if there are changes in pressure, varying slopes, or long runs. They seldom get plugged.

Micro Flappers emitters are very easy to install in your drip irrigation line. When turned on, this emitter is a single outlet low flow emitter and pressure compensating and self-flushing. In addition, it does an excellent job of cleaning small particles from the line every time it is turned off.

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Sealed, Pressure Compensating Online Emitter: Sealed and compact emitter offers ease of installation.

Unique Self Cleaning Mechanism: Unique self-cleaning design, flow path expands in case of blockages. Thus flushes off trapped dirt. This reduces the risk of clogging and minimizes maintenance cost drastically.

Precision Pressure Compensation: Precision molded liquid silicone rubber diaphragm ensures pressure compensation, uniform water application, and long-lasting, high-quality performance.

Excellent CVm, Manufacturer’s Coefficient of Variation: The manufacturing coefficient of variation, CVm = 5%, ensures high field emission uniformity. This means each Micro Flapper drip emitter delivers the same amount of water to each plant. This is critical for achieving uniform growth.

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Product Features

  • Low profile – resists damage and leakage
  • Uniform flow rates
  • Color-coded for easy flow identification
  • Angled configuration allows water to drip off the emitter and eliminates supply tubing run down.


  • Operating range: 10-60 PSI
  • Flow rates: 0.5, .75, 1.0 and 2.0 GPH
  • Minimum filtration: 150 mesh


  • For orchards and vineyards, greenhouses, nurseries, landscape, etc.
  • For areas with harsh topographical conditions.
  • For irrigation of pot-plants with extension tube.
  • Recommended using where the longer length of lateral is required.

Give these emitters a try on your next project.

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