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Our Favorite Social Media Posts For Smart Irrigation Month

Our Favorite Social Media Posts For Smart Irrigation Month

1) Casey Cox (@caseymco) a 6th generation farmer from Georgia is thankful for irrigation technology.


2) Kansas Corn (@kscorn) and Cory Broad speak about the benefits of sub-surface drip irrigation in corn and alfalfa.

3) ETwater (@ETwater) spreads awareness of technology to save water and keep your garden beautiful all year long.


4) Jain Irrigation (@jainsusa) & EPA (@EPAwatersense) water sense suggests using a certified irrigation professional to reduce your water costs and consumption.


5) Observant Australia (@Jain_Observant) tweets about Jain logic: a suite of field monitoring technology that growers trust. It delivers real-time data from sensors in the field to any internet connected mobile device, tablet or computer in an easy-to-use and intuitive interface.


6) WaterOne (@MyWaterOne) an independent, non-profit water utility creates this funny video for water bill awareness this smart irrigation month.


7) San Diego County (@sdwca) water authority shares these water-efficiency tips during #SmartIrrigationMonth.


8) Kris Nightengale describes an irrigation system installation.

9) Richard Restuccia (@H2oTrends) answers the most asked question this summer.


10) Kevin Stewart (@kjs1_stewart) and Andy Belingheri (@AndyNVH2O) visit two amazing topics of water and conservation this #smartirrigationmonth.


11) Does smart irrigation month work? – Richard Restuccia (@H2oTrends) answers another important question.


12) UF/IFAS Miami-Dade’s Urban Conservation Unit (UCU) install’s smart controllers in Florida.


13) DIY Greywater Irrigation (@grey4green) demonstrates this washing machine to show children to save water.


14) The National Association of Landscape Professionals (@the_nalp) speaks about yearly irrigation checks.


15) City of Oceanside (@CityofOceanside) & San Diego (@sdcwa) water county reminds you not send your money down the drain this summer.


16) Select your plants “Smartly” this smart irrigation month by San Bernadino Water County (@sbcitywater).


17) Enjoying a free ETwater tumbler.


18) Orange County Florida & North Plains GCD tweet about improperly scheduled controllers and the importance of having a smart controller.


19) Michael Derewenko shoots the next big Jain Smart Product video.

20) DJ Cadwell goes live on tv to explain about smart-controllers.


21) Irrigation association (@irrigationassoc) injects some humor into this year’s smart irrigation month.


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