Our Favorite Tweets From #SmartIrrigationmonth 2020

A few years ago, Michael Gutierrez  – https://twitter.com/irriaudi – who won the Irrigation Association’s video award last year for #smartirrigationmonth offered some wisdom for my digital media. He suggested a better personal touch for what I was presenting would garner more engagement. I believe this year, more than ever, twitter accounts were making that personal touch generating lots of engagement for #smartirrigationmonth.  This year no one made a personal connection better than ETwater’s Marketing Director, Kevin Heverin.  See his tweets below where people are focused on customers. It’s a winning strategy generating 100’s of likes and retweets.


The Irrigation Association was successful with the same strategy. They promoted people, not products.

The EPA gained lots of engagement with the promotion of contractors.

They also had a very successful tweet promoting the use of smart controllers.

Another successful tweet from @irriaudi concerning people, not products.

Finally, the @irrigationassoc tweet concerning keeping the message going all year long was popular.

Thanks to all of you who helped make #smartirrigationmonth 2020 a success. It is interesting to see the evolution of digital media over the years. Our industry is getting better each year, communicating using social media. If we missed a tweet, you really like, please let us know.


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  1. I’ve been promoting smart practices for years with an emphasis on correct design, site planning and plant selection. The advent of controllers that adjust themselves to various inputs is to me the icing on the cake. To often a contractor installs a smart controller on a poorly designed and inefficient system (or installs a system that is such) and thinks they have that watering saving item licked when it is far from it. Education is the key and the more the better-I’ve taught for eight years now and it makes my day when I encounter someone that “gets it”.

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