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Precision Irrigation Systems Have A Heartbeat

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The successful precision irrigation system of the future will push information to users without the use of an app. Do you have so many apps on your phone you need an app to manage your apps? Between looking at smart controller apps, communication apps like Slack, email, and text messages the last thing you need is another app to log into to learn information about your irrigation system. What if there was another way? What if data was pushed to users about the health of the irrigation system they were managing? What if you didn’t need to log on to a website to receive information and the information was simple, reliable text alerts and email reports when you want them? This sounds like what water managers want precision irrigation to look like in the future.

A Monitoring System Working In The Background

Real-time water management requires a monitoring system for your pump station, valves, and line pressures. A system allowing you to take precious time to manage critical management issues other than water. A system that will monitor:


Pump Stations

  1. Pump Status
  2. Pump Speed
  3. Flow Rate
  4. Energy Consumption

Flow Meters

  1. Current Flow Rate
  2. Totalized Flow



  1. Pre/Post Filter Pressures
  2. Backflush Frequency

In-Field Valve Stations

  1. On/Off Flow Status
  2. Line Pressure


A system working in the background alerting you when you have issues without needing to proactively check a website.

The Information You Need

The quickest and most straightforward way to communicate data is visually. The precision irrigation system of the future displays the current status of metrics and key performance indicators for your irrigation system on a single screen. Imagine how productive receiving screenshots like this would be:

The precision irrigation system will also need to be expandable. When you’re ready to know more or want additional data, you need to be able to expand your system with crop analytics and detailed irrigation reports concerning soil moisture, energy use, weather and environmental monitoring as well as pump and valve control.

The next generation of AgTech for irrigation is happening now. Real-time is the right time for irrigation monitoring, and the near future brings technology that enables water managers to quickly respond to water management issues. Using of real-time push notifications that take complex information and displays it in a way that allows you to make the best decision quickly. This is what is all have been waiting for, and the future is near.


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