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Scientific Plant Names VS. Common Plant Names – Take Our Quiz

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Like it or not we need clear communication concerning the plants and trees we are growing and watering everyday, so scientific names for plants and trees is essential.  Scientific plant names are used to classify and identify specific plant. The scientific plant name describes the genus and species to categorize them.  This started about 300 years ago and was developed by Carl Linnaeus.

The challenge with common names, while used regularly by many, is there is no regulation of common names. As a result there can be multiple common names for the same plant. I also see the same common name different plants. This is especially challenging with toxic plants.

Scientific Plant Names

To help you improve or prove your knowledge of Scientific Plant Names please take our quiz below.

#1. What is the scientific name for the Almond tree


#2. What is the scientific name for Lavender?


#3. What is the scientific name for Bloody Cranesbill?


#4. What is the common name for Malus domestica


#5. What is the common name for Salvia Leucantha


#6. What is the common name for Ocimum basilicum


#7. What is the scientific name for lettuce


#8. What the scientific name for a garden peony

Scientific Plant Names

If you would like to view a scientific plant name here is a scientific plant name dictionary, that you can visit the link here.

Lets us know how you did on the quiz in the comments below or you can also tweet your results to me @H2oTrends.




  • Reza ,

    I tried to find the right answers from botany courses which I took a long time ago .

  • Raju Narasimman ,

    An Excellent learning curve for learning a technical nama.Tons of thanks for your Quiz.

  • Raju Narasimman ,

    Excellent excercise to learn a technical name. Tons of thanks.

  • Joel ,

    Like it well done

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