Strawberry Growers Prefer Mini Revolver Sprinklers

Strawberry growers need to be sure they are choosing the right product for the right project and the Jain Mini Revolver Sprinkler is the most widely used sprinkler by Strawberry growers. With marketing and advertising gimmicks running rampant, it’s no surprise that too many options can stifle the process of making the right decision. I’m constantly learning about new irrigation applications, products, and grower challenges in my role at JAIN. The opportunity to show products in video format help growers and contractors make the proper selection of product for their specific job.

Recently the JAIN team had the opportunity to visit a site in Santa Maria, California, where a large grower was planting next season’s strawberry crop. He dealt with the same challenges year after year until finding out about a simple solution to many of his problems. Here are some of the great benefits the JAIN Mini Revolver sprinkler brings to a crop that even a layman like me can appreciate.

Reduce Labor & Water Costs with Mini Revolver Sprinkler

The reduction of water is first and foremost a recurring topic for every grower that we service here at JAIN irrigation. Growers stress to us the need to save water while producing a profitable yield. With a 70% reduction in water use, the Mini Revolver sprinkler reduces water usage and the extensive labor typically used when moving sizeable temporary aluminum lines around. Labor is harder to find and a permanent solution from season to season is crucial to a grower’s production.

In every form of irrigation, consistency and uniformity are critical. Growers strive to apply the correct amount of water from cycle to cycle. Inconsistencies lead to wasted water and harmful pests and fungus’ that can plight a yield. By reducing water droplet size, the Mini Revolver can prevent soil encrustation and penetrate the soil, pushing salt out of the rootzone allowing tender plants to thrive. A single stream of water also helps fight water waste due to high winds seen in most of these open areas.

Mini Revolver Sprinkler Aids in Controlling & Reducing Spider Mites In Your Farm

When a product decision can provide more than one solution, a grower’s ears perk up! For example, I didn’t know much about the mite control challenges growers in Santa Maria and many other places. The Mini Revolver’s aid in mite control, and the sprinklers can be left in the field throughout a growing season to help control destructive 2-spotted spider mites. At the same time provide humidification allowing beneficial predators to thrive and help keep the 2-spotted mites under control. Who knew? Combine this with frost control, and a grower has the perfect solution to year-round issues.

Lastly, growers have the backing of the NRCS (National Resource Conservation Service). Like most irrigation governing bodies, these agencies want to see the responsible water distribution from garden to green and into our agricultural industry. Partnering with the NRCS can help offset some of the expenses needed to retrofit a grower’s field and make more responsible use of available water. Funding consideration requires a minimum 85% distribution uniformity rate.

Here is another video from one of our grower-partners George Ito, a strawberry grower from Oxnard, California, according to him, the Mini Revolver Sprinkler provides the much needed field uniformity and water savings to grow a uniform crop. When it comes to water savings, George estimates that the mini revolver only consumes 55% of the water conventional sprinklers use. George is also seeing a reduction in electrical and diesel consumption with the reduced pressure requirement of the mini revolver sprinkler. 

The JAIN team hopes you have enjoyed this short series of informative commercials over the last couple of months, especially our latest spotlighting, the very popular Mini Revolver. Also, stay tuned for more system solutions from the leader in Ag irrigation, JAIN. ­

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