Supply & Demand Imbalance Increases Premium Irrigation Resin Price

Price Increase – October 15th, 2020

Dear Valued Customer,

Due to supply and demand imbalances and the recent gulf coast area hurricane, there has been significantly less availability of polyethylene resins and for some grade there has been stock outs of material.  Some polyethylene producers have declared force majeure.

Our premium irrigation resin suppliers have all implemented resin price increases in August ($0.05/lb) and September ($0.05/lb).  These increases are in addition to the $0.09/lb increases in June ($0.04/lb) and July 0.05/lb) that they passed on. These are significant increases we cannot absorb, and so we are implementing a 9% price increase on extruded items including:

  • Drip Tape
  • Emitterline
  • Layflat & Oval Hose
  • Tubing

Our goal is to keep pricing competitive. This 9% price increase only reflects the resin increase for August and September.

We only purchase virgin resins specifically made for our industry, primarily from DOW Chemical, Inc.  The resins and practices we deploy allow us to offer the best performance products with the industry’s longest warranty.

All orders need to be entered on or before October 15th, 2020, and ship no later than December 1st, 2020, to avoid an increase.


We appreciate and value your choice to rely on Jain for your customer needs.  We endeavor to provide you the best quality, service, efficiency, and partnership in “leaving this world better than you found it.”

Thank you for your continued support.


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