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5 Things We Are Thankful For On Thanksgiving

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Thank you to all our customers, partners, vendors, team members, friends and family of the Jain team. Without all of you we would not be where we are today, doing what we love. More importantly, (this is the best part) we would not have the opportunity to help people and businesses do what they love.

Thanks for Water

Turning on the fire hydrant or having a smart controller turn on an irrigation system is a magical part of our day often over looked. We are thankful the water is always there. Here is a link to an article outlining how you get your water: . Thanks to everyone who ensures the water continues to flow.

Thanks for the water it took to grow the turkeys. National Geographic estimates it takes 468 gallons of water per pound of poultry. This is the water for feed, plus water for drinking, processing and cleaning.

We are also thankful for the people who help conserve water, whether through taking shorter showers, turning off the water while you brush your teeth, fixing a leak or optimizing your irrigation system with drip irrigation.

To Our Customers

Thank you for your business, patience, loyalty and especially your feedback. Our passion is water conservation and your feedback is vital to our progress in product development and delivery. Each day we strive to achieve our mission – Leave this world better than you found it – with your feedback as a guide.

To Our Vendors

We view each of our vendors as a partner. The relationships we establish and maintain with our vendors is critical to our success. Thank you for your reliability, quality of work, service and support as together we lead the world in irrigation technology

To Our Team Members

Thank you for the hard work, new ideas and unrelenting dedication and determination to help our customers and Jain Irrigation, Inc. succeed. Every day we face new opportunities and challenges. Every day you are the ones who meet these challenges head on and solve the challenges and develop the opportunities. You are the engine that makes Jain run and we are thankful for all of you.

To Family Members and Friends

Working at Jain Irrigation is more than a job. At Jain we strive to do well by doing good and sometimes this means long hours, nights, weekends, and stress we bring home. You are there to support us unconditionally and we could not do it without your support. Thank you for supporting us and helping us be successful.


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