The Rivulis and Jain Merger: The Power of Collaboration

The merger of Rivulis and Jain Irrigation represents a significant development in the irrigation industry. It brings together two leading companies with a shared vision and complementary strengths, promising to deliver enhanced customer value, drive innovation, and expand market presence. The potential impact of this merger on the irrigation market is substantial and shapes the future of irrigation with innovative solutions.

The merger doesn’t just make Rivulis and Jain better. It makes the entire industry better. Both Jain and Rivulis have a strong focus on sustainability. The merger will accelerate their efforts in this area and create a ripple effect in the industry. As industry leaders, they will set the standards for the industry. This includes everything from product quality to environmental sustainability.

For example, both companies have excellent tape offerings with Chapin drip tape and T-Tape and a complete offering of products to support drip irrigation in the field. Chapin drip tape was the first drip tape in the United States, developed in 1960 by Dick Chapin. T-Tape in 1987 evolved into the wide use of drip tape on a large scale. Combine this with the technology offering of Manna and Jain Logic, and this combined company becomes incredibly competitive and difficult to match in the industry.

Manna, an irrigation intelligence leader, provides growers with actionable information to make accurate irrigation decisions. This is done using high-resolution satellite information. Using satellite information and soil moisture sensors, Jain Logic helps farmers optimize water consumption, reduce costs, and improve productivity. Combining these two products creates a new high bar for the industry.

Customers Win – In conclusion, the merger of Rivulis and Jain represents a significant development in the irrigation industry. It brings together two leading companies with a shared vision and complementary strengths promising to deliver enhanced customer value. You can watch an interview with John Vikupitz, President of North America, discuss the impact of the merger here.


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