Top 10 Articles For 2021

Here are the most popular blogs according to our readers this past year and a few more thrown in from our editor. Enjoy, and thanks for supporting the Jain blog over the years and helping us spread the water conservation and sustainability message.

California is in a mega drought and most data indicates water is becoming more available. Georgia is heading into a drought. For the past year things have been getting worse and according to the U.S. Drought Monitor today over 30% of the state is in a severe drought. Read More.

Here is an amazing Chapin Drip Tape review from one of our customers from Flying H Farms. Growers are perpetually brainstorming better and more efficient ways to farm. Reducing the number of times your tractor is in the field saves money and reduces wear and tear on equipment. Read More.

Mobile drip irrigation combines center pivot irrigation and drip irrigation technology for agricultural irrigation and the benefits are literally saving farms. As the water crisis gets worse world wide more and more farms are taking acres out of production due to the lack of water. Read More.

Homeowners, HOAs, and commercial property managers are installing smart controllers at a rapid rate to water their lawns. Grass is the single largest irrigated agricultural crop in America. Read More.

When it comes to fertilizing plants Mae West’s advice can be deadly. Plants receiving the proper amount of fertilizer respond quickly in growth and look great. The result makes it temping to give them more fertilizer (in dose, frequency or both) and often this is a mistake. Read More.

These are seven of my favorite inspirational quotes about water and life. I am sure you have a few favorite quotes about the water of your own. Please feel free to share these quotes about water in the comments section. Read More.

Installing an irrigation filter on your drip irrigation system prevents clogging of emitters and reduces wear and tear on the system. Sand and organic materials are the primary objects you want to remove. Read More.

Recently doing some legwork on a design request I found myself making incorrect assumptions about the water demands of Cannabis. The overall demand of the plant is a little misleading. While Cannabis does in fact require quite a bit of water it prefers the application be across a long period of time and evenly distributed above the root base. Read More.

This is an ongoing series of Water Stocks that is published yearly during the month of December. The year 2021 will be remembered for many significant events including the second year of COVID, supply chain disruption, and political turmoil. None of these slowed the stock market. Read More.


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