Top 8 JAIN Water Blog Articles from 2023

Here are 8 of the most popular blogs according to our readers this past year. Enjoy, and thanks for supporting the JAIN blog over the years and helping us spread the water conservation and sustainability message.

My 7 Favorite Quotes About Water

These are seven of my favorite inspirational quotes about water and life. I am sure you have a few favorites quotes about water of your own. Please feel free to share your quotes about water in the comments section or with us on ‘X’ @Jainsusa. Read more.

5 Causes of Drought

The “new normal” of water management across the United States suggests we need to consider the regions we live in are either heading into a drought or coming out of a drought. Read more.

6 Signs You Are Overwatering Your Plants

Overwatering your plants is one of the biggest issues I see in landscapes today. When plants don’t look healthy it is tempting to give them more water and often this is a mistake, these are some of the few signs of overwatering plants. Read more.

6 Signs You are Over Fertilizing Your Plants

Plants receiving the proper amount of fertilizer respond quickly in growth and look great. The result makes it tempting to give them more fertilizer (in dose, frequency or both) and often this is a mistake. Here are six signs you can easily recognize to determine if you are giving your plants too much fertilizer. Read more.

3 Secrets To Enjoying Basil All Winter

Almost all basil is an annual herb that is going to flower and die. It also has trouble making it through winter. If you love basil as much as me, here are three tips to help you enjoy basil all winter long. Read more.

Beginners Guide: ¼ Inch Distribution Tubing

When selecting ¼” distribution tubing (also referred to as spaghetti tubing) there is not a lot of decision making involved. You only need to make one decision, vinyl or polyethylene. ¼” distribution tubing is generally the tubing that delivers water to drippers, sprayers, or shrubblers. Read more.

Chlorine In Your Water: Does It Harm Plants?

When I was shelling out money for yet another load of worm castings for my garden (worm castings contain a highly active biological mixture of bacteria) it dawned on me that I was adding bacteria to my soil and then watering it in with chlorinated water formulated to kill bacteria. Is this a sustainable practice? Read more.

A Complete Guide To Understanding Your Water Bill

Water bills are confusing and challenging for consumers to understand and due to much needed, but more intricate water price structures they get more complicated every day. In order to conserve water, it is important to know how much you use and how much you pay for water. We all know the quote “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” In the case of water, we are doing a great job of measuring it, but interrupting the data can be difficult. Read more.


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