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Understanding Time Restrictions For Better Water Management During Droughts

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One of the most critical water management concepts is to fill the soil with water until it reaches field capacity, measure evapotranspiration or soil moisture until a depletion trigger level is reached, and fill the soil again with water.  Following this method of irrigation results in the best opportunity to have the healthiest plants. However, during drought, when irrigation restrictions are in place, your ability to perform basic water management activities is reduced or eliminated. Now, thanks to Jain Unity and ETwater and a new feature of the software called time restrictions, you can fully manage water during a drought.

The featured image above reflects a current water restriction today due to the drought in the West. How would you manage water under these circumstances? One of the first tools to look at is block days. In this case, using block days would result in not watering at all during the week.

The next choice would be to set a water window. This is also problematic. Your water window on Sunday would be from 6 pm until midnight. On Monday, midnight to 10 am, and you would miss the entire window in the evening.  If your landscape had any size, you probably wouldn’t get all the water needed applied.

Time Restrictions

Using time restrictions, users set the times for no water, but all other times are available for water. In addition, each valve is measured separately, so zone-like drip can water outside the restrictions if allowed. Finally, time restrictions also work in managed groups, so you can set the restrictions for multiple jobs simultaneously, dramatically reducing the amount of time you spend customizing your software.

To find out where you can find time restrictions, how they work, and how you can view them, please take a look at the step-by-step video below.


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