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Vision With Jain Monitoring And Control

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Trent Dietrich started farming with zero experience in 2014. He built a sustainable operation with the wisdom he learned from his father (Trent’s Dad has been farming Almonds since 1980) and Jain Logic software’s help.

He took the big step many dream about taking, and his approach was technology, not hope. Using Jain Logic features like reservoir level monitoring and intelligent irrigation scheduling Trent is successful. Due to his vision of the future of farming, he saw water reductions could be coming and prepared for them using the tools available to him. He invested in planning before he invested in a farm, and it has paid off for him. He figures even a 20% reduction in water for him won’t make an impact. You can check out all the Jain technology products here.

If you would like a demo of Jain Logic specific to your ranch, please contact us here.

We would appreciate the opportunity to show you how technology can lower your costs and increase yields.


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