Watch Your Agricultural Profits Grow With Satellite Imaging

Thanks to satellite imaging HyperGrow™ and HyperView™ provide critical tools to increase profits on your farm. Trying to keep track of how much water you use, where it’s used, and reporting this information is a burden yet critical for the success of your operation. Satellite imaging makes this process quick and straightforward to free up your time for the many other critical issues you face daily during the growing season. Both these features are now integrated into Jain Logic.

Satellite Imaging Report Jain Logic

What Is HyperGrow™

HyperGrow is the most cost-effective and efficient way to measure actual, field-specific crop ET for each field and ranch throughout the year weekly. Field water consumption (ETc) is updated and emailed every seven days. You direct where you want the information to flow. Ranch Managers, Crop Advisors, PCAs, and irrigators can all receive the report emails to ensure those that need the data have it.

Precipitation is reported as well to ensure accurate calculation of the irrigation amount required to replenish plant water consumption. Uniformity shows how evenly crops are utilizing water across the field. Cumulative YTD ET (including last year’s YTD) is included, so you can compare where the crop’s water consumption is to last year. Accumulation Difference statistically compares the cumulative (YTD) ET of every field from the prior year to the current image allowing for immediate identification of areas in the field that got better or worse from year-to-year as the season progresses.

The email provides a table of values for the past week – including the average ETc of the field (inches of water the crop consumed for the week) and the ETc uniformity rank (range from 0 to 100%, with 100% being perfectly uniform). Low ETc uniformity can be an indicator of irrigation, soil, pest, or other issues in the field. A thematically colored map showing the ETc uniformity is also provided for each block/field through an active hyperlink embedded in the weekly report.

The weekly report also quantifies the YTD ET values for the current year and compares them to the YTD values for the same period from last year to indicate whether the field is “ahead” or “behind.”

What Is HyperView™ NDVI Satellite Imaging

HyperView is the most cost-effective way to see crop vigor at the field level using satellite imaging. An NDVI report of crop vigor is updated and emailed every 4-6 days of each block for each ranch. Vigor difference images statistically compare the vigor of every pixel from the previous image to the current image allowing for immediate identification of areas in the field that improved or worsened since the last image.

NDVI Satellite Imaging Jain Logic

HyperView is also delivered to your email automatically with color-coded alerts to warn you of changes to your field from the previous week and from the last month. Active hyperlinks within the email easily connect you to detailed imagery and analytics with no user names or passwords to remember.

Benefits – peace of mind, time savings, yield loss prevention Since satellites are continuously tracking every area of your field, any change in vigor can be accurately and precisely calculated. Instead of burdening the grower with this massive amount of data, the HyperView system carefully analyses the data for you. It only alerts when the negative change is above a certain threshold (nominally 10%). Compared to drones and airplanes, satellite analytics are highly regular (requiring no human intervention to analyze). This ensures low cost and high reliability to the grower.

The demand for more food, the competitive nature of the business, and the increase of regulation make it tougher each day for a farming operation.  Fortunately, technology makes it easier for growers to make better decisions about processes that improve yields while reducing inputs. Satellite imagining is one of the tools that help farmers watch profits grow.


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