Water Conservation: Time To Say Thanks

Giving thanks to people around you who make a difference in water conservation helps your community and you. I’m talking about everyone from irrigation technicians to people using reusable water bottles instead of plastic water bottles. I am also talking about the people in your neighborhood who are making positive changes to their landscapes for water conservation. The list goes on and on.

Showing gratitude is good for you

We learned from this NPR article gratitude is good for the soul and good for the heart too.   According to the article, it turns out the more grateful people were, the healthier they were. They had less depressed mood, slept better and had more energy. I don’t know about you but less depressed, better sleep and more energy are worth a lot to me right now.

American Society of Irrigation Consultants

I am starting right now by thanking the presenters at the American Society of Irrigation Consultants Southwest meeting for sharing a wealth of water conservation knowledge with the attendees. Information we can all use as we move forward with water conservation. Below is the list of speakers (and their topics) who generously presented detailed information helping us all to become better water managers:

Jeffery Bruce – Functional Coordination Issues for Green Roof Projects

Ann Audrey  Designing Water Harvesting to Augment Irrigation in the Arid Southwest

Carol Ward-Morris – Ongoing Drought & Looming Colorado River Shortage: Managing to Avoid Crisis

Fernando Molina – Water Reliability For A Desert Community

Steve Hohl – Drought Management in the West

Brent Mecham – Sprinkler Application Uniformity

The best part is (thanks to the presenters and ASIC) you can see all the presentation slides here.

So please take a moment right now, think of somebody, something, or someone who is making a difference in water conservation and send them a note to tell them what a great job you think they’re doing. We’d love to hear about your experience in our comments below, and thanks again to the American Society of Irrigation Consultants and all the great speakers for an awesome meeting.  You can learn about future meetings here.


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