Water Management Consulting Services from Jain Irrigation

Precision irrigation improves crop health and farm profits or as we say, More Crop per Drop®. But unfortunately, irrigation is not always on the top of the action item list for many growers because the results are not always instantaneous. Fortunately, however, Jain Irrigation offers a water management consulting service to growers at a price that allows you to prioritize water management without purchasing the technology,  as well as allowing you to decide how much time you want to invest in managing water.

Water Management Consulting Services

Your Jain water management consultant provides:

  1. Distribution Uniformity Test for Your Farm or Ranch
  2. Weekly Reporting of crop water consumption, field uniformity, crop vigor, crop vigor uniformity, a weekly irrigation schedule, a water infiltration report, and weekly performance reports, plus their analysis and  in-person or review call with you on the salient elements.
  3. A team of water management experts at Jain using Jain’s industry-leading software, including Jain Logic, satellite imaging, and soil moisture monitoring to produce an irrigation schedule for your specific field or block.

What Growers Are Saying About Jain Water Management Consulting Services

I felt like the price schedule you presented and the level of services was good, too. While I’m on that, it was a good flexible level of services! You saw what I needed and said, “Maybe we don’t need to go to the top…we can go in here at this level” that would provide that extra information, that extra comfort level, extra precision that I was looking for without putting a sensor every 10 acres and costing me an arm and a leg. So it was easy to step into the program and at a level that we were comfortable with.

– James McFarlane, General Manager, Redbanks Farming Inc., Clovis, California

What’s funny is virtually everybody who comes onto the place has said, “Man, these trees look good!” And “I can’t believe the growth you’ve got this year!” We’re seeing that everywhere so that more than likely will translate into crop next year. That’s one thing. Everything you’re doing from year-to-year you’re pretty much doing it for next year’s crop. So it’s hard to tell what’s going to happen this year, especially following a huge crop last year. But it sure looks like everything’s set up to be a heck of a crop – heck of a bloom.

– Rick Alvernaz, Principal/Owner, Mountain View Almond Farms, Crows Landing, CA

“I’ve learned how to better maintain my drip irrigation system. I’ve learned how much water we’re putting on my trees – I’ve learned how to conserve water.”

– David Frea, Frea Farms, Fresno, California

Watch What These Growers Are Saying About Jain

If you are interested in Jain Water Management consulting services for your farm or ranch, complete this form, and one of our consultants will reach out to you.


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