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Water Rates On The Rise: 5 Ways To Save

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Ben Franklin wrote, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” An addendum to this saying should include “the rising cost of water.” Water rates are increasing across the United States and here are a couple articles documenting the quick rise in rates – Circle of Blue, Care. The water rate increases are being attributed to an aging infrastructure and the rising cost of energy. Regardless of the reason water rate increases have us all feeling squeezed whether it is you personally or your HOA’s budget for water. The good news is, you can take control and do something about it.

Water Saving Solutions

This infographic presents a quick snapshot of how much a variety of water management solutions can improve water use on our property and protect you from paying more each year for water. Given water rate increase projections for many cities across the United States, we all need to be implementing smarter water management solutions just to keep our bill from going up.

water rates infographic

Aging Water Infrastructure Is Not Just A Public Agency Problem

We all think about putting a little money into saving each month for ongoing issues we might have with our cars. Most don’t think about irrigation systems in the same way. Many irrigation systems have costly leaks or outdated equipment that adds up to a lot of water waste every year. Due to the increases in water rates we can’t afford to turn a blind eye any longer. Please take a moment to comment below if you have tried any of the water savings solutions in the infographic or if you have other ideas you would like to share to help us all save water.


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