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ETwater, a Jain Irrigation Company has over a decade of experience working with the country’s largest businesses, municipalities, and HOAs to reduce and optimize water consumption.


Welcome to the Smart Outdoors®

ETwater is the smart irrigation company with the patent to centrally process big data to implement predictive watering schedules based on plant types, soil and slope conditions, and environmental factors.

Discover the smart irrigation technology preferred by the leading contractors, local municipalities, homeowner associations, and retail locations. 

Jain Unity: Planting Shrubs. Benefits Of Smart Irrigation System

Jain Unity®

Superior Weather Based Irrigation Control for landscape irrigation, uses the power of AI and predictive analytics to work smarter for you.

10 Money Saving Sustainability Tips We Love: Commercial Landscape Maintenance Controllers

ETwater® Controllers

Reliable, anywhere-connectivity over 4G wireless networks, and real-time monitoring and management capability from any smart device.

ETwater Support

Whether you are a personal subscriber, business account, or a partner program participant, we’re here to help make sure you get the most out of your ETwater smart irrigation service. 

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