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SmartWorks Replacement Panel

Upgrades old controllers in situations where the enclosure and valve wiring are still good.

This replacement panel installs in less than an hour into existing enclosures, with no need to rewire the valves. It replaces Irritrol® MC Plus; Rain Master® Sentar, Eagle, Hawk and Evolution DX2 systems; and many Rain Bird® controllers.

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Replacement Panel


Fastest Installation

Save valuable time with easy installation in the existing enclosure and no valve rewiring.

Most Economical

Priced lower than ETwater’s full controllers, ETwater Smart Works Replacement Panels are a great value. With 20-50% water savings, payback can be under two years.

State of the Art Intelligent Irrigation

Smart Works panel automatically adjusts watering schedules based on local weather. Award-winning ETwater Manager web-based system is quickest to set up, easiest to use, and permits remote operation. Gain powerful tools for centrally managing hundreds of controllers such as flow monitoring, global changes, and custom reports.

Durable & Weather Resistant

Aluminum enclosure with locking cabinet for indoor or outdoor use suitable for wall mounting and selected pedestal installations.

Easy-to-use keypad

For viewing programs, manual (offline) valve operation and other system functions.

Plug-in interface for Rain Master®

and other remote control systems.

Standard connections

for rain sensor, booster pump, master valve, and flow sensor. Compatible with normally open or normaly closed master valves, rain/freeze or wind sensors.

Controller keypad

can be used to test one or all stations for OK, open or shorted circuits.

Colored LED panel lights

report activity status for rain sensor, flow sensor, or open or shorted valve.

Back lit LCD display

provides output verification for station being irrigated.

Email Alerts

to report any open or shorted stations.

Made In The USA

FCC Approved

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How it works?

1. Install the ETwater smart controller. Then, use the ETwater Manager online management system to set up your account by entering your landscape profiles.

2. Microclimate forecasts localized to latitude/longitude coordinates and cross-referenced to an exclusive hourly historical weather database.

3. ETwater servers access the weather data, compute evapotranspiration, and generate daily watering schedules for each landscape profile. Servers then connect wirelessly to ETwater smart controllers to exchange schedules and data.

4. ETwater smart conrollers execute daily irrigation schedules.