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Superior Weather Based Irrigation Control for landscape irrigation, uses the power of AI and predictive analytics to work smarter for you.


Real-time tracking of plant moisture balance levels on each irrigation station.
Schedule automatically self-adjusts for change in weather, plant water needs.
View and collect controller run time statistics.
Extensive historical and forecast weather data. Graphs showing temperature, rain, wind, cloud coverage, and more for your location.
Alerts Active Monitoring

Unity is a powerful cloud-based software used with Jain ETwater smart controllers to deliver unparralled efficiency for water management.

The most advanced irrigation controller powered by Jain Unity.

Upgrades old controllers to a smart controller powered by Jain Unity in situations where the enclosure and valve wiring are still good.

Convert your existing controller to a smart controller powered by Jain Unity.

A connected ETwater smart irrigation controller automatically responds to Unity’s algorithm to apply the best strategies for minimizing water usage, and managing plant nutrient loss.

Patented Technology

Patented Technology

Unity centrally processes over a billion bits of information hourly on how soil moisture is responding at a site-specific location, including:

Customer Case Studies

ETwater has over fifteen years’ experience working with the country’s largest businesses, municipalities, and HOAs to help reduce and optimize their water consumption.


Unity Mobile

Puts powerful features in the palm of your hand on your smartphone, tablet or any handheld computing device.

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Most frequent questions and answers

You can rest assured you are saving water, especially if you let our service dynamically adjust and update your schedule on a daily basis. We are running algorithms, accessing data sources, and doing predictive modeling to make sure that your site and landscape always has the optimum watering plan. We can provide reports for you that show how much you are using, and help you to compare.

Yes, better than Wifi, and we use multiple network providers to ensure you have the best connection option. We have been recognized as “best-in-class” in meeting rigorous network efficiency and compliance standards, typically running at a better than 98% connectivity rate with our Wireless 3G and 4G network partners.

Evapotranspiration (ET) is the sum of evaporation and plant transpiration from the Earth’s land and ocean surface to the atmosphere. We auto-adjust your irrigation schedule based in part on ET, water depletion amounts, plant types, soil composition, rainfall, and forecasts, and water only the amount needed

Municipalities, and other Agencies have been putting in place watering restrictions across the country. If we do not already know about a restriction or a change to one, you can contact us, and we will make sure your water schedules and programs are updated with this information. Our service will then automatically schedule watering to happen only as locally permitted, and with variations in the amount of water applied, avoiding costly fines for irrigating during prohibited days and times, and enabling the healthiest landscape.

That’s okay. We can make a dumb system, or a standard controller smart. We are the only company that has found a way to take over an existing controller, and existing irrigation infrastructure and upgrade it to use our smart irrigation service
benefits. This is one of the reasons we call our service the smartest, and it saves you time, and money.

We gather information from some of the nations best weather providers, and we further analyze it to predict and understand forecasts. We also track the amount of actual rainfall. All of this happens at a level of granularity that is unsurpassed, we call it Hyper-local, as it surpasses the capabilities of typical ‘postal code’ and weather station based systems.

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