Spray Sticks

Aqua Spray Sticks are engineered to provide an irrigation system that delivers both high performance and dependability. Ease-of-use, performance, and low-cost have makes Aqua Spray Sticks an ideal product line for greenhouses, nurseries, and orchards. Simplicity in design and easy installation mean lower
labor and material costs.

Product Features
• Stake designed in a “H” pattern and taller for better stability in most soil medias.
• Dual shut off capabilities:
a. Shut off tip on side instead of base of spray stick to
eliminate contaminating tubing with soil
b. Second shut off capability on stake as an oval with use
of our anti kink nursery tubing
• Multiple flow rates and patterns — there’s an Aqua Spray
Stick that’s right for your operation.
• Made with UV-resistant resins, designed to last and
reduce the possibility of tip damage.
• Spray direction indicator
• Built-in shut-off tip
• Designed to work effortlessly for years.
• Simple design allows to unclog Aqua Spray Sticks by
simply pulling off the Spray Stick, cleaning the channel,
and reinserting the same emitter back on the tubing
• Uses 187×125 polyethylene tubing
• Down spray and horizontal spray patterns