Super Fogger

Super Fogger is an optimal and economical solution for cooling, humidifying and chemical spraying in greenhouses.

super fogger medium

Product Features
• Two and four outlets are available
– Super Fogger X2 (two outlets)
– Super Fogger X4 (four outlets)
• Built-in LPD (Leakage Prevention Device)
– High pressure (blue cover)
– Medium pressure ( green cover)
• Very small droplets for minimal foliage wetting during pulsed operation
• Excellent coverage when used for pesticide
• Easy installation and service
• Chemical-resistant raw materials
• Connections for PE & PVC pipes
• Low cost
• Recommended working pressure:
– High pressure: 60 psi
– Medium pressure: 45 psi
• Recommended filtration: 130 micron (120 mesh)

super fogger 2 medium