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Pressure Compensating emitters deliver a precise amount of water regardless of changes in pressure due to long rows or changes in terrain. They can simplify the designing of a system and greatly reduce maintenance since they rarely get plugged. Inside the emitter is a flexible diaphragm that regulates the water flow and tends to flush particles from the system (self-flushing). The reason we offer different PC emitters is to accommodate a range of water pressure, price and functionality.

Octa Bubbler
Quadra Bubbler
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The low cost of these drip emitters makes them very popular. The flows are rated at 15-20 PSI, so at lower pressure you will get a lower flow and at higher pressure you will get a somewhat higher flow. All of these drip emitters on this page are non pressure compensating. At very low pressure, these emitters work better than pressure compensating emitters. Watch our Basic Drip emitters installation video to see how easy they are to setup and use.

Micro Flappers
Jain Turbo Emitter
Ceta Emitter
Flag Emitter
Mini Inline Emitter
Adjustable Turbulent Flow Emitter
J Bubbler Adjustable
J Bubbler PC
Adjustable Shrubbler
Adjustable Mini Bubbler
Spectrum Vortex Sprayer


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