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Jain Logic™

What We Do

We help farmers optimize water consumption, reduce costs, improve productivity and give them the capability to monitor and control farm operations from any internet connected devices.

Our solutions have been designed to provide the most reliable, easy to use and functional software platform and kits for all your farming operation needs.

Soil Moisture Monitoring

Maximise plant growth and improve farm efficiency by monitoring the soil moisture levels of your farm.

Water Level Monitoring

Knowing your farm’s water levels is crucial to ensuring you reduce risks and efficiently manage your water supplies.

Jain Logic Pulse

Always on and always monitoring Pulse keeps an eye on your system to ensure it’s performing as expected.

Irrigation Scheduling

Take the guesswork out of your irrigation decisions. Helps growers create a weekly irrigation schedule by irrigation set.

Flow & Pressure Monitoring

Monitoring the flow and pressure of pumps and irrigation lines is critical to ensure efficiency in your irrigation system.

Real Time Weather Monitoring

Knowing local climate conditions can help you minimise risk and maximise profits

Water Pump Management

Monitor and control pumps remotely so you can improve the operation of your entire farm.

Satellite ETc Data

Get your annual water budget and weekly ETc data using Agralogics by Jain Irrigation.

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