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Flow and Pressure Monitoring

Knowing the condition of your irrigation system gives you control and peace of mind.

Flow and line pressure monitoring work as standalone monitoring systems or together with other Jain Logic solutions for comprehensive farm water management.

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Is Flow Monitoring for You?

Jain Logic software lets you know what pressure gauges, flow meters and other devices are recording now, as well as historically. Automated text messages highlight specific equipment failures and other status changes.  You can have continuous monitoring and control of:

  • Drip and micro irrigation
  • Furrow irrigation
  • Pivot irrigation
  • Solid set irrigation
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Jain Logic Has the Capabilities You Need

The Jain Logic system monitors what you need, when you need it. It has the capabilities to adapt to any farming situation.

What Flow Monitoring Will Do For You.

1. Flow Rate Monitoring: Each zone’s flow rate can be monitored for broken lines, plugged emitters or other concerns.


2. Totalized Flow Monitoring: Totalized water volume per irrigation event, week or season is recorded, so you can analyze crop water use and document withdrawals.

3. Zone Pressure Monitoring: Proper manifold pressure ensures proper zone operation and improved distribution uniformity. You can combine this with flow rate monitoring for deeper insight into zone health. You’ll be alerted if high- or low-pressure conditions occur.

4. Filter Pressure Monitoring: Monitoring pressure at the filter output or the pressure differential across the filter alerts you if it’s time to backflush.


5. Backflush Monitoring: Monitoring the output of an independent, filter-backflush controller detects changes in backflush frequency that can highlight problems with your filter or water supply.