Soil Moisture Monitoring

  • The Jain Logic soil moisture monitoring solution provides users with continuous information to make informed decisions.

  • This innovative product provides you with robust hardware allowing remote monitoring of soil moisture and soil temperature at multiple depths in your soil profile.

Soil Moisture Monitoring

Is Soil Moisture Monitoring for You?

  • View continuous soil moisture and soil temperature data.
  • Learn how your crop uses water and how effective rain and irrigation is for you.
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What Do I Need?

Depending on requirements, JAIN’s C3 Telemetry unit monitors soil probes and sensors.

To help decide which is the best option for your farm click the button below to request a demo.

Benefits of Soil Moisture Sensing

1. Monitor soil moisture, soil temperature, and soil EC (optional) at 4 inch intervals, up to 16 sensors up to 64” in depth.

2. Highly accurate monitoring shows how crops use moisture through the soil profile.

3. Use additional sensors to monitor rainfall, wind speed / direction and air temperature to build a profile of the perfect crop growing conditions.


4. Quick summary on your smartphone, or for more detailed analysis on your Jain Logic webpage.

5. Predicts next irrigation date based on current soil moisture trends.

6. Frequently checks and updates soil moisture and temperature, with historical data displayed and data export capability.

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