Water Level Monitoring

  • The Jain Tank Monitoring Kit provides you with a complete water level monitoring solution.
  • This innovative product provides all the hardware required to monitor water levels, as well as access to Jain Logic. Our software application allows you to remotely access water levels from any Internet enabled device.
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Is this the kit for you?

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  • Is your tank roof made of steel or poly?
  • Does it have a roof in good condition that’s easy to get to with a ladder?
  • Is your tank no more than 15 feet in height?
  • Is the tank exposed to direct sunlight for most of the day?

What This Kit Does for You.

1. Monitors water level in either poly or steel roofed tanks.

2. View water level data on Jain Logic, available anywhere you have access to the internet.

3. Have peace of mind knowing you’ll receive SMS or email alerts when your tank level is outside its normal range.

4.  Choose to see the tank level as depth or a percentage.

5. Log onto Jain Logic from your smartphone, tablet or PC.

6. Continually checks the tank’s level and updates every half an hour, with historical data displayed.

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