ETwater Launches First-Ever Free Real-Time Landscape Irrigation Calculator

Technological advancement to use Real-Time ETo (evapotranspiration) allows for most precise and adaptive watering schedules based on climate change, best water use efficiency

San Diego, California, November 30, 2023 – Smart irrigation pioneer ETwater (“ET Water Systems, Inc.) proudly announces the launch of its groundbreaking Real-Time Landscape Irrigation Calculator. This free online tool, publicly available at, is based on and leverages the award-winning AI smart irrigation JAIN Unity water management system, skillfully crafted by the team of senior-level software engineers at ETwater. Unlike other online calculators relying on historical data, the innovative ETwater approach ensures adaptability to current conditions, offering substantial water and cost savings.

Evapotranspiration (ETo), a comprehensive measure of water loss from surfaces and plants, is the cornerstone for irrigation scheduling. Historical ETo, commonly used in existing irrigation controllers, lacks responsiveness to current conditions, often leading to overwatering or insufficient hydration for plants. The ETwater Real-Time Landscape Irrigation Calculator, powered by advanced algorithms and AI incorporating weather forecast data, addresses these shortcomings, providing an unparalleled level of adaptability.

How It Works:

  1. Enter Your Zone Details: Users input information about each irrigation zone, including Plant Type, Emitter Type, Soil Type, Slope Type, and Shade Level.
  2. Instant Customization: The system generates a smart irrigation schedule tailored to the specific site using forecast weather data.
  3. See JAIN Unity in Action: Get a glimpse of how Jain Unity’s advanced algorithms create an efficient and effective watering schedule that you can compare to the amount you’re currently watering.

The game-changing feature of Real-Time ETo ensures that irrigation is always in sync with the current weather, delivering a range of benefits:

  1. Optimal Water Usage: By adjusting to current weather conditions, Real-Time ETo minimizes water waste, providing plants with exactly what they need.
  2. Healthier Plants: Accurate watering prevents stress caused by under or overwatering, promoting robust and healthier plant growth.
  3. Cost-Effective: Efficient water usage leads to lower water bills and reduced resource wastage, contributing to environmental sustainability and economic savings.
  4. Adaptive to Climate Variability: Real-Time ETo is particularly advantageous in areas with high week-to-week climate variability, ensuring irrigation strategies remain in tune with the latest weather patterns.

ETwater’s Real-Time Landscape Irrigation Calculator marks a significant leap forward in irrigation precision technology, offering users a simple yet powerful tool to enhance water efficiency and promote the health of their landscapes. To experience the future of irrigation, visit to start optimizing your landscape watering schedule today.

About ETwater

ETwater has been harnessing Mother Nature into technology products and services to create the Smart Outdoors® since 2003. The cloud-based JAIN Unity platform, developed by the distinguished team of senior software engineers at ETwater, takes environmental data from multiple sources, including landscape-specific information such as plant types, soil, slope conditions, and more, to generate an automated, scientifically calculated watering schedule that will adjust as the weather changes. Schedules are transmitted through reliable, anywhere-connectivity over 3G and 4G wireless networks to our line of smart irrigation and sprinkler controllers, and with remote access to monitor and manage from any smart device, Unity gives unparalleled security, control, and water savings. It is also compatible and can take over the control of an inefficient conventional irrigation controller, connecting it to the Unity platform with all the advantages of our unique weather-based irrigation system, a retrofit capability available for over 50 different irrigation host controller models, including those from Irritrol®, Hunter® RainBird®, Toro®, and Weathermatic, among others. ETwater was the Irrigation Association’s first SWAT-certified (Smart Water Application Protocol) weather-based irrigation controller, and being EPA WaterSense certified, it can be found on every water agency-approved commercial rebate product list for high-efficiency smart irrigation controllers. To learn more, visit


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