Jain Focused on PureSense Strengths

Jain keeps the core technical talent of PureSense while focusing on improving the customer experience.

Jain Irrigation, Inc. is making fast progress toward reinstating the cornerstones of the PureSense operational team.  A core focus is to provide the grower a better experience so they can effectively manage limited resources.  PureSense is an innovation leader in field monitoring and irrigation management strategies for agriculture.  The acquisition is combining PureSense’s analytics assets with Jain’s global irrigation manufacturing and food production platform.

Mr. Richard Gates – Director of Customer Support
Mr. Richard Gates is one of the original employees of PureSense starting with the company in 2007 and held title of CIO and most recently held responsibility for customer service. He is extremely passionate about the PureSense product, its customers, and the good that it helps customers do.  Demonstrating this passion, it should be known that when PureSense closed its doors in November 2014, Richard worked tirelessly, to help customers as best as he could on his own, with no known outcome of what might happen to the company and no promise or compensation from anyone.

Prior to joining PureSense Richard was the CIO for Ace Parking in San Diego and worked at a Data Warehouse startup in Silicon Valley.  Richard holds BS in Business Administration with a Minor in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts.
Mr. Ryan McNeish – Director of Software
Mr. Ryan McNeish is a proven software developer and leader with over 19 years of experience in software engineering, design, and quality assurance.  He has been developing applications in Visual Studio for over 12 years, with the past 6 years working with modern frameworks like jQuery and Knockout.  He has extensive SQL Server development and administration expertise, and thrives on efficient code and database design.  He is a firm supporter of agile development, and 6+ years of experience leading Scrum software development teams to deliver successful production software. Ryan has 9 years of experience building SaaS (mostly as one of initial employees of PureSense) solutions to meet an ever changing customer need. He was a key team leader for PureSense that built the best in class software for our industry.
Mr. Michael Smearer – Senior Software Architect
Mr. Michael Smearer is an extremely talented software architect with 18 years in the software business. For the past 4 years, he has architected and led development of a SaaS software platform in agriculture technology. The platform receives, processes, and provides real-time analysis of billions of remote sensor readings, provides a multi-tenant, multi-language capable, and time-zone aware UI, as well as numerous data visualization and reporting components. He is a believer in customer-driven design, lean methodologies, scrum, and continuous integration. He is an expert on the .Net framework and modern web technologies. For the 6 years prior to PureSense, Michael ran a successful consulting company where he served as the project principal, architect, and lead developer on a wide variety of enterprise and commercial projects.
Mr. Gian Allen, Director of Hardware Development
Mr. Allen has over 10 years of experience in embedded systems engineering and environmental data collection.  He has expertise with microcontrollers, sensor interfaces, printed circuit board design and firmware development.  He has a deep understanding of cellular telemetry, as well as point-to-point and MESH-topography radio networks.  He specializes in designing extremely power-efficient systems that can withstand the rigors of harsh outdoor environments.  Mr. Allen considers quality and reliability as the cornerstones of good hardware design, and works diligently to develop products that meet those criteria.

Mr. Allen has worked with PureSense since 2006.  At PureSense, he had a lead role in development of the “PSconnect” data collection/telemetry units that form the hardware backbone of the PureSense system.  In this role, he was critical in designing the electromechanical systems and the firmware to run them.  Additionally, he set up and maintained vendor relationships, created product test regimens, worked on research projects, facilitated transfer of R&D products into production, and provided high-level support for field technicians.
Prior to working with PureSense, Mr. Allen worked at EME Systems, an electrical engineering firm that has been designing environmental monitoring systems for agriculture and other industries since 1985.  During his time with PureSense, Mr. Allen has continued to work closely with EME to take advantage of their extensive experience, and they have proven to be an indispensable partner at all levels of design.
Mr. Allen holds an M.P.H. with an emphasis in environmental health, and a B.A. in Molecular and Cell Biology, both from U.C. Berkeley.
Dr. Michelle Frey – Consultant – Business, Operations, and Technology.
Dr. Michelle Frey is a 30-year professional; Dr. Frey brings a breadth and depth of experience in all forms of business operations and growth. She dedicated the last decade bringing to life a new company that integrates revolutionary technology and SaaS solutions for farmers. Dr. Frey also has 20+ years of experience in consulting for major utilities on process engineering and optimization, technology development and use, and policy/strategy initiatives key to utility operations. Her entrepreneurial experience and spirit has meant that Dr. Frey has continuously brought forth products, services, and solutions to meet leading-edge market needs.

As a PureSense company co-founder in 2004, Dr. Frey led the Product Management and Product Marketing efforts of PureSense as Chief Science Officer for the company. She was responsible for the strategic product direction, market segmentation and sizing analysis, market requirements for all products, product pricing, hardware and software engineering, SaaS product delivery operations, customer support, and internal/reseller outreach and product knowledge management. Dr. Frey also served as COO.
Mr. David Termondt – Consultant – Business, Operations, and Finance.
Mr. David Termondt was most recently PureSense’s Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Termondt has over 25 years of financial and operational management in both public and private enterprises and accomplishments in debt and equity financing, business and channel development, engineering and IP development / management, mergers and acquisition, strategic and financial planning and investor management. Prior to joining PureSense, Mr. Termondt served as Chief Financial Officer at Mainstream Energy where he directed all Finance, Accounting, and Risk Management. Prior to Mainstream Energy, he held senior positions at E2Open and McKesson Corporation. Mr. Termondt holds an MBA degree in Financial Accounting and International Business from the Pennsylvania State University and a BA degree in Economics from Marquette University.
Jain is a fully integrated global food/plant production company recognized by Harvard Business to be one of five global sustainability champions, and the G-20 for lifting people out of poverty. Our irrigation manufacturing capabilities include everything from behind the pump to the flush valve at the end of the lateral and everything in between including drip irrigation. We lead the industry in manufacturing technology, owning both our extrusion and mold manufacturing equipment providers. Jain leads plant science research globally across a variety of food crops and is staffed with some of the world’s leading research scientists. With the Gandhi Library, Jain now houses the leading collection of the world’s best plant science knowledge in a single facility. Our agronomic knowledge is integrated from our world class tissue culture operations through our food processing businesses. We research, educate, advance, manufacture, finance, propagate plants, and purchase produce for processing all in an effort to fulfill the Jain mission, “Leave This World Better Than You Found It


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