JAIN Introduces Cost of Water Tracking Into Smart Irrigation

Jain Irrigation spearheads its landscaping automation Unity product with continuous monitoring and daily updating of how much is spent on irrigation

Fresno, California, November 29, 2022 – Jain Irrigation, Inc., the world leader in irrigation technology for landscape, turf, and agricultural irrigation, continues its history of smart irrigation technology “firsts” and innovation for commercial landscaping with the release of water cost monitoring in its patented, award-winning JAIN Unity cloud-based automation. Unity is the first EPA WaterSense-certified weather-based irrigation control product that lets customers see daily how much they spend on water to maintain their lawns and landscaping.

Unity displays in both total aggregate summary and detailed views the cost of water for irrigation usage by total coverage area, per irrigation controller, or individual plant type station/zone. Measurement is based on either a flow sensor connected to the irrigation controller or custom-entered gallons per minute (GPM) for water running through the system, which will include any usage outside of Unity’s automated scheduling, such as immediate, customer-initiated irrigation or water waste coming from line breaks and leaks. Water cost is calculated upon entry of rate information from the water bill in the most commonly found formats of fixed-rate regular recurring, tiered, or seasonal tiered utility pricing models.

Property owners and managers typically over-water, unintentionally wasting money every time they take out the hose or turn on sprinklers. “The compounded annual growth rate of the cost of water in the U.S. is higher than any other utility or service,” said Richard Restuccia, VP of Water Management Solutions, Jain Irrigation, Inc. “Now there’s a price incentive to be more water-efficient than at any time we’ve seen, so JAIN Unity irrigation automation and water cost is a simple but powerful combination for sustainable management of precious supply. With climate whiplash and drought becoming the norm, visibility into its cost is as important as seeing how much irrigation is necessary for landscaping to stimulate individual and business accountability.”

Unity continuously monitors the state of moisture in plant root zones to determine precision scheduling for when and how much irrigation needs to be applied while adjusting hourly for changes in the weather. In addition, it incorporates AI and predictive modeling of future environmental changes, such as forecast rainfall, to reduce the running of an irrigation system whenever possible while sustaining plant health quality. For more information, visit www.jainsusa.com/unity.


Jain is a fully integrated global food/plant production company recognized by Harvard Business as one of five global sustainability champions and the G-20 for lifting people out of poverty. Our irrigation manufacturing capabilities include everything from behind the pump to the flush valve at the end of the lateral and everything in between, including drip irrigation. We lead the industry in manufacturing technology, owning our extrusion and mold manufacturing equipment providers. Jain leads plant science research globally across various food crops and is staffed with some of the world’s leading research scientists. With the Gandhi Library, Jain now houses the prominent collection of the world’s best plant science knowledge in a single facility. Our agronomic knowledge is integrated from our world-class tissue culture operations through our food processing businesses. We research, educate, advance, manufacture, finance, propagate plants, and purchase produce for processing, all to fulfill the Jain mission, “leave this world better than you found it.”



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