Jain Irrigation Acquires SWIIM

Jain Irrigation, Inc. Purchased the Majority of SWIIM Assets 

Fresno, California November 4, 2022 – Jain Irrigation, Inc. announced the acquisition of SWIIM assets, including the leading water management IP/technology portfolio and know-how, certain field hardware for water management services, access to new markets and customers, and current contracts for OnFarm Water Accounting. Aric Olson, President of Jain Irrigation, Inc., comments, “The acquisition of assets continues our path and progression as the leading technology consolidator in Irrigation and Ag Technology. We are excited to hire a SWIIM team of leading Ag Irrigation Technologists and look forward to their contributions. In addition, we will be honored to support the SWIIM customers with the current water management tools and some special and enhanced products and services to help growers achieve more crop per drop.”

SWIIM will operate under the Jain Agriculture Services Division and continue to be a product/solution brand in our water management products and services portfolio.

Jeff Tuel, Executive Vice President of Jain Distribution Holdings, will manage this entity’s commercial and business-related activities. Ryan McNeish, Vice President of Technology, will manage the technology-related activities with the SWIIM asset purchase. In addition, Kevin France, the former CEO of SWIIM, will help with a consulting project during the transition phase.

Jain is successful with Water Management Consulting Services. This acquisition offers Jain the ability to provide a broader toolset as growers cope with the challenges of saving, transferring, and selling/moving water due to SGMA and the drought we face.

This is another excellent acquisition for Jain Irrigation, Inc., allowing Jain to grow in technology and continue to fulfill the Jain mission to leave this world better than you found it.


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