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Jain Irrigation, Inc. recently purchased on November 4, 2022 the majority of SWIIM Assets, including OnFarm Water Accounting. JAIN Logic is the premier AgTech solution that growers trust. Now with the acquisition of SWIIM and OnFarm, growers will have access and benefit of the most comprehensive toolset available in the combined product offerings. From soil moisture monitoring to evapotranspiration forecasting and irrigation scheduling, JAIN Logic is the only water management software that growers need to achieve MORE CROP PER DROP®.

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JAIN Monitoring and Control

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The Future of Irrigation AgTech with Jain Logic and SWIIM [Video]

Jain Irrigation has acquired the assets of SWIIM. These assets include the leading water management IP/technology portfolio and know-how, specific field hardware for water management services, access to new markets and customers, and current contracts for OnFarm Water Accounting.

These assets will be merged with the leading agricultural technology, Jain Logic. What is in store for customers and the industry now that Jain Irrigation acquired the assets of SWIIM?

During this webinar, you will learn the following:

  1. How growers benefit from the combined software
  2. Where water saving comes from with the integrated software
  3. How does the combined software accurately reflect water use 
  4. How to trade water savings for other assets
  5. The cost of the products

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