How Landscape Contractors Are Dealing with Covid19


Special Covid 19 episode discussing the results of Lawn & Landscape survey of its readers with editor Brian Horn and Richard Restuccia of Jain Irrigation.


With the Covid-19 pandemic shutting down most of the country, essential businesses like landscaping services are still operating. It would seem to be the ideal job to have in the age of social distancing and being able to work outdoors But with so many commercial businesses shut down to stop the spread of the virus and unemployment claims at historic levels, both commercial and residential customers may decide to suspend their services in these uncertain times.

No one has a crystal ball and can tell when this might all come to an end or if things will just go back to the way they were when it does. So wanting to get a sense of where landscape business owners are in dealing with Covid 19, Lawn & Landscape magazine recently surveyed its readers, to get a reading on how this was affecting individual businesses and the impact it was having on the industry itself.

Joining us to discuss the results of those surveys, is Brian Horn, Editor of Lawn & Landscape Magazine. Also joining us is Richard Restuccia, Vice President, Water Management Solutions, at Jain Irrigation. This episode was also a video interview that is available from our YouTube channel in the Covid 19 playlist. Episode image provided by  Pacific Landscape Management.


Brian Horn at Lawn & Landscape Twitter and Facebook

Richard Restuccia on Twitter, @H2oTrends and on the Jain Irrigation blog.


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