Sustainable Landscape Begins with Us


Discussing sustainable garden and landscape principles with Richard Restuccia, Vice President of Water Management Solutions at Jain Irrigation, Inc.


Sustainability isn’t just good for the garden, yard and landscape. It’s good for us all. According to the EPA, residential outdoor water use in the US, is 9 billions gallons per day. Per day…! Most of that water is used for landscape irrigation.

Practicing sustainability isn’t just about water. There are plenty of ways to introduce sustainability in our yards and it’s something every homeowner and property owner needs to think about. Mostly because it makes good sense, saves money and precious resources, while benefitting the environment. Everything we can do individually no matter how small, will have a significant impact that will benefit us all.

Joining us on this #landscapechat episode is water expert Richard Restuccia, Vice President of Water Management Solutions, at Jain Irrigation, Inc.


Connect with Richard Restuccia for any questions on Twitter, @H2oTrends and on the Jain Irrigation blog.


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