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4-Way Flat Stackable Multi-Outlet Dripper Assembly

Perfect for bench pots and containers, this dripper provides maximum flexibility at a minimum cost. Connect any Click TIF dripper (multiple flow rates) to this 4-Way Flat Stackable Multi-Outlet Dripper Assembly.

Manufactured In Fresno, California, USA.

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Product Description

The 4-Way Flat Stackable Multi-Outlet Dripper Assembly is a complete system to irrigate four containers, or four locations within the root zone of the same container, with a single Click TIF dripper (multiple flow rates). It comes with a 4-Way Multi-Outlet Manifold, four lengths of White PE Tubing, and four Arrow Drippers, all assembled. Simply press the manifold onto a Click TIF dripper (multiple flow rates), place the Arrow Drippers into two containers and you’re ready to irrigate.

Jain’s Multi Outlet Dripper Assemblies allow you to save on installation labor while you get the most out of your greenhouse drip system.

This dripper assembly is manufactured in Fresno, California, USA. 


Additional Information

Tubing Size

18", 24", 30", 36", 42", 48"


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