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Air / Vacuum Relief Valve (APV)

Installing automatic air relief valves on the end of lateral lines and emitterline will prolong the efficiency of your system.

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Product Description

Air Release / Vacuum Relief Valves provide vital protection to pipeline systems. They allow air to escape during system startup by preventing air restrictions, water hammers caused by large air masses, inaccurate flow meter readings, and explosive conditions from air being compressed by water. 

They also allow air to enter the pipeline during valve closure or system shutdown. This minimizes the collapse of mainline and sub main pipes, back-siphonage of dirt into emitters, and water hammer caused by the sudden reversal of flows. 

Air Vaccum Relief Valves

  • Dual Acting Air Release/Vacuum Relief Valve
  • Innovative and slam resistant design allows only water to close valve
  • 150 psi working pressure
  • Inlet 1” and 1 1/4” npt or bsp
  • Seals at 1 psi
  • Clear open diameter is 0.775”
  • Optional Schrader Valve to check system pressure

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Additional Information


1" (APV-1), 1.25" (APV-1-4), 1.5" (APV-1-1-2), 2" (APV-2)


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