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CETA® Pressure Compensating Drippers

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Product Description

Color coded for easy flow identification, the Jain Ceta Emitter is a take-apart point source emitter with a separate barb for inlet and outlet installations. The Ceta Emitters self-flushing and insect baffle make it an ideal candidate for nursery and agricultural applications.

Product Features

  • Color-coded for easy flow rate identification
  • 1/4″ inlet and outlet barb
  • Self-flushing action with insect baffle to minimize blockage
  • Take-apart design for easy inspection and cleaning


  • Operating range: 15-50 PSI
  • Flow rates: 0.5, 1.0, and 2.0 GPH
  • Minimum filtration: 150 mesh

Additional Information

CETA Flow Rate

0.5 GPH Red, 1.0 GPH Black, 2.0 GPH Green


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