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Flush Valve

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Product Description

As most installers know, flushing a system on the initial startup is imperative to a clean, well flowing drip system. To insure a system stays properly flushed and doesn’t become susceptible to inline debris an automatic flush valve can be installed. Typically installed in a Bubbler Box for protection, the combination of gravel and gravity will keep water out of the box and debris out of the lines.

Product Features

  • Automatic flushing reduces particulate build-up and promotes system cleanliness
  • Flush valve indicates system under pressure


  • Operating range: 7 to 60 PSI
  • 3/4 and Hose Thread: .8 GPM required to close; opens when pressure is below 2 PSI
  • 2″ MPT Flush Valve: 30 GPM required to close; opens when pressure falls below 7 PSI

Additional Information

Flush Valve Thread Type

2" MPT, 3/4" FHT, 3/4" FPT


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