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Mazzei Suction line kit for 1/2″ and 3/4″ injectors

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Product Description

Mazzei fertilizer injectors are commercial-grade, Venturi style injectors with no moving parts to wear out or break down. The Mazzei works by suction, and can draw liquid fertilizer from virtually any container. It can be plumbed on a bypass for less restriction (the preferred method), or directly into a main water line. You will need to experiment to get the dosages required, but once operating, the Mazzei is incredibly reliable and relatively maintenance free.

Part Number: #14000113, #14000100, #14000106

Precise chemical applications for irrigation systems…the low cost solution.


Injecting chemicals into a pressurized irrigation system (chemigation) is the most common application for Mazzei Injectors in agriculture. Mazzei pioneered this simple-to-use and easy to install solution more than 30 years ago. Using high-efficiency patented and trademarked Mazzei Venturi injectors, Mazzei’s chemigation technology delivers a uniform distribution of chemicals and fertilizers within the irrigation water. Mazzei Injectors offer the advantages of an easy to maintain non-mechanical system. With no moving parts, and often no supplemental pump system, Mazzei is the cost-effective choice. Because Mazzei Injectors are designed for vacuum transfer of irrigation chemicals, they provide safe chemigation.

Product Features

    • Easy to install
    • Years of proven performance
    • Uniform chemical injection
    • Low cost solution to other injection methods
    • Injection stops when water flow stops
    • Available in polypropylene (PP) or polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF)


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