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Modular Bridge Assy – Violet w/ Grey Noz

This is a specific Dan Modular combination out of thousands of possible combinations. Please see the Modular Chart Picture to ensure this product meets the flow rate and wetted diameter of what you are looking for.

This Dan Modular combination was created by customer request, it is not a recommended combination and will not carry our standard warranty, the flow rate is higher then what we would recommend for the spreader.

This Modular features the Dan Modular Bridge with the Mist (Violet ) Spreader, no LPD, a Gray Nozzle (18.5 GPH @ 30psi) with no tubing and no stake.



Jain (old) SKU: 16100900 Rivulis SKU 101083098 Category

Product Description

Dan Modular is the original micro sprinkler that set the standard
for all micro sprinklers. The broad range of flow rates, wetted
diameters and patterns from full to part circle with different
sprayers, swivels, and anti-mist devices that produces small,
medium, and large droplets makes it practically a universal device
for agriculture, greenhouse, and landscape applications. For over
two decades Dan Modular has been the product of choice as a
standard micro sprinkler for greenhouse applications.

-Product Features

  •  Dan Modular design offers comprehensive flexibility in an
    irrigation design
  • Adapts to almost any field condition
  • Broad range of flow rates, 10 nozzles and 4 anti-mist devices
    produce 14 flow rates from: 9.2 to 79.3 gph @ 29 psi
  • 7 static spreaders and 5 swivels produce a wide variety of
    patterns and diameters
  •  Provides a range of desired droplet sizes from fog to mist to
    large droplets
  • Field friendly, may be assembled and disassembled in the field
  •  Under-tree and over-tree, irrigation, frost protection and
    cooling (including chilling)
  •  Upright for field and greenhouse applications
  •  Inverted for greenhouse and hoop house applications
  •  Compatible with Leak Prevention Device (LPD)
  •  Recommended filtration 120 mesh
  •  Made of durable plastic for long term field operations –
    high UV resistance
  •  Nozzles are manufactured from wear resistant materials
  •  Clog resistant due to large water passages
  •  Even and uniform distribution of water and fertilizers


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