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Total CV Emitterline (17 mm Brown)

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Made with 100% DOW virgin plastic Total CV by Jain sets the standard for high quality in landscape emitterline. Backed by a manufacturer’s 10 yr warranty and ideal for any application Total CV is the preferred emitterline option for contractors around the world. While the competition uses regrind compromising the lifespan and durability of the tubing Jain’s virgin plastic emitterline is manufactured with uncompromising quality. Total CV also uses the patented Amnon emitter, an emitter developed in Agriculture and now available to landscape contractors in Jain emitterline.

Product Features

  • Check Valve (non-drainage) prevents low lying areas from being flooded
  • Holds back 8.5 ft of water
  • Pressure-compensating for uniform water distribution
  • Patented Cascade Labyrinth Technology reduces chance of clogging
  • Physical Root Barrier- prevents roots and debris from entering line
  • Hydrodynamic emitter design ensures continuous flushing of sediments and small dirt particles
  • UV Resistant
  • 10 year manufacturer warranty


  • Compensation Range: 14-60 PSI
  • Check Valve opening pressure: 14 PSI
  • Check Valve closing pressure: 3.7 PSI
  • Flow Rates: .29, .42, .58 and 1.0 GPH
  • Emitter spacing: 12″, 18″, 24″ and 36″
  • Recommended Minimum Filtration: 120 mesh

Additional information

Total CV Emitter Spacing

12", 18"

Total CV Flow Rate

0.53 GPH, 1.0 GPH

Total CV Length

100, 1000, 250, 500


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