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Vari Jet

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An adjustable option on an emission device can be a good thing and a bad thing. While the adjustability may make applying large amounts of water easier, the uniformity of a system can get compromised. For such unique applications that do require the ability to apply different amounts of water to a plant, over its lifespan, the Jain Turbulent Flow Emitter exists. A self-piercing barb will assist in tool less installation.

Product Features

  • Easy flow adjustment with built-in valve
  • Single piece construction
  • Adjustable flow rates: from 0 to 31 GPH maximum at 30 PSI
  • Wetted diameter up to 26 feet


  • Operating range: 10-30 PSI
  • 10-32 thread
  • Four different spray patterns: 90°, 180°, 360° and misting
  • Recommended filtration: 150 mesh

Additional information

Vari Jet Pattern

180 degree Circler, 360 degree Circle, 90 degree Circle


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