10 Questions To Ask Before You Purchase AgTech Irrigation Products

August 13, 2021 12:00 pm
Jeff Tuel

Executive Vice President, Jain Distribution Holdings

Cory Broad

Key Grower Development Manager | Jain Irrigation, Inc.

AgTech is evolving rapidly as well as the number of farms adopting AgTech. This evolution is driven by increased labor costs, decreased labor availability, increased input costs, strict regulations, and growers looking for a competitive advantage.

If you are considering purchasing agtech irrigation products or have purchased some and are looking to buy more, this webinar is a must-see for you. We will review ten questions to ask so you can be comfortable making the best decision for your farm, ranch, or property.  

There are many products to choose from and many promises made. The questions were developed in conjunction with the irrigation bill of rights to help consumers get the truth.

During this webinar, you will learn the right questions to ask to:

  1. Determine what products match your use
  2. How to tell if the provider is sound and reliable
  3. How to determine when the products become obsolete
  4. Determine the value of initial and follow up training
  5. Know the level of support you receive after the sale

Jeff Tuel Profile Pic
Jeff Tuel


Jeff Tuel is currently the Executive Vice President of Jain Distribution Holdings in Fresno, CA, where he provides leadership to Jain’s Monitoring and Control division.  Jeff has dedicated the last 17 years of his career to Ag irrigation in executive leadership positions on the Ag dealer and manufacturing sides of the industry, as well as serving on the Irrigation Association’s Board of Directors and Government Affairs Committee. Jeff has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and spent the first half of his career in high-tech, which is where his passion for helping to bring technology solutions to agriculture stems from.  Jeff is an avid tournament bass fisherman, so when he’s not out in the field working with growers to improve the use of water, he’s on the water fishing.

Cory Broad

Agronomic Sales Manager, AvidWater

Cory is a Certified Crop Adviser, Certified Irrigation Designer, and Certified Ag Irrigation Specialist.  Cory is a lifelong resident of the Central Valley and specializes in helping agricultural producers achieve maximum production while minimizing water-use.

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