4 Different Ways To Schedule Your Irrigation

September 22, 2021 12:00 pm
Gregg Black

Technical Sales Manager, Jain Irrigation, Inc.

A good irrigation schedule tells you how often to water and for how long. Easy right? Yes, until you start to think about all the variables that go into a schedule like soil type, temperature, wind speeds, cloud cover, how much water your irrigation system delivers every minute, and many more.

In addition to those variables, you have situational variables like a newly established landscape or a particular zone with new plantings. It can be overwhelming.  

Fortunately for us, Gregg Black will teach us a simple process that steps us through all these variables and more to ensure you are applying the proper amount of water to your landscape or crop.

During this session, you will learn:

  1. Four different types of schedules – Fully automatic, user-defined, fixed, and establishment schedules
  2. How each works
  3. Which schedule fits which application
  4. Water savings opportunities
  5. How to efficiently manage the four types of schedules across multiple properties 
Gregg Black ETwater Smart Controller Sales Guy
Gregg Blak

Technical Sales Manager, ETwater - a JaIN IRRIGATION COMPANY

Gregg Black is a 16-year veteran of ETwater and one of its original employees. He was responsible for testing, implementation and team development projects as well as responsibility for key accounts, training and support activities. He works primarily in Northern California helping new and existing customers learn how to maximize their technology investments, grow their businesses and achieve their revenue goals.

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