6 Questions to Ask Before You Start An Outdoor Grow

April 30, 2021 12:00 am
Michael Derewenko
Michael Derewenko

Marketing Manager, JAIN IRRIGATION, INC

Setting up a new outdoor grow site for hemp and cannabis has its fair share of challenges, and each can be very costly if not taken into account before breaking ground. 

In this webinar, we’ll cover primary challenges seen when visiting sites preparing to grow hemp and cannabis outdoors.

Here are some topics we will cover, that you may encounter while growing hemp or cannabis outdoors:

  • Will I grow in pots or in the ground:
    • Soil types
    • Soil testing
    • Water saturation
    • Rodent, pest and animal control
  • What should I use for perimeter fencing and security?
  • What permits do I need to grow hemp or cannabis?
  • Where should I put water tanks and pumps?
  • Will I have issues with the excavation of rocks, boulders and creating flat surfaces.
  • Are there trees and stumps to remove: How do I protect native landscaping?
  • How will I control dust and access the property for maintenance?
Michael Derewenko
Michael Derewenko

Marketing Manager, JAIN IRRIGGATION INC.

Hailing from Central Florida Michael Derewenko has been in the irrigation industry since age 15. Beginning his career working for his father’s large commercial landscape company Michael quickly learned the importance of irrigating landscapes efficiently and effectively. With a strong background in pumps, two-wire systems and irrigation design, there is not much in irrigation that Michael hasn’t encountered. Now operating in Southern California as a Territory Sales Manager with Jain Irrigation, Michael is applying his vast knowledge of conservation-based products and experience in product development to a region that is in dire need of water resource management.

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