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A Practical Approach to Fertilizer Management

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Aric Olson


Fertilizer remains a mystery for many. Proper fertilizer management includes the right rate from the appropriate type of fertilizer at just the correct time.

It seems like this would be easy, but there are so many variables; it’s easy to do what you’ve always done or do what your neighbor does. This can be a big mistake costing money, time and potentially damaging the environment. 

What you want is to achieve a high fertilizer use efficiency. In other words, achieve the highest yields using the least amount of fertilizer. This is desirable and achievable, and our session will help you get there. 

In this session, Aric Olson is going to change the way you view fertilizer going forward. His experience in AgTech, and agriculture, combined with his education in chemistry, makes him perfect for explaining proper nitrogen use.

In this session, you will learn:

  1. The best sources of fertilizer
  2. How to calculate fertilizer amounts when using drip irrigation 
  3. If the advantages and disadvantages of organic and synthetic fertilizers.
Aric Olson


Aric Olson, the president of Jain Irrigation, Inc. (Fresno, CA) has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and a Masters of Business Administration to go along with 15+ years of manufacturing company experience. He is a certified Six-Sigma Black Belt and Manager of Quality/Operational Excellence from the American Society of Quality. Additionally, he is a Certified Agricultural Irrigation Specialist and Certified Irrigation Designer by the Irrigation Association.