A Tour of the Jain Catalog

October 2, 2020 12:00 pm
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Michael Pippen

Director of Business Development

A catalog is the business equivalent of a resume for your company. A catalog contains all the essential information about the company product and all the details they want to convey to their buyers/customers.

Catalogs influence purchase decisions.

Did you know that catalogs have a more substantial influence on purchase decisions than websites or TV ads? 72% of people surveyed said that catalogs make them more interested in that retailer’s products, and 84% have purchased an item after seeing it in a catalog.

People engage with catalogs on a deeper level.

The purchase experience has become a big deal. Even digital-native organizations have embraced print to engage their customers and prospects better. It’s about moving people beyond a transaction to an emotional connection. Through stories and images, catalogs take people on a journey or even an adventure. 

Catalogs drive people to your website.

Catalogs deliver ease, convenience, and relaxation.

Today’s catalogs are powerhouse marketing tools. It’s no longer a competition between digital and print. It’s all about using each medium’s strengths and offering the best of both worlds to create inspiration and engagement that satisfy your customer and your company’s bottom line.

During this presentation, you will learn:

  1. How to develop a catalog customers love
  2. How to use the Jain catalog to ensure your project has the right products 
  3. How to take advantage of the valve builder and friction loss charts
  4. How to use the color tabs for quick and easy navigation
Michael Pippen

Director of Business Development

My entire career and personal life has been immersed in the agriculture industry. Being raised on a farm in the Mississippi River Delta, my background is in the commodity crops of cotton, corn, and soybeans. My professional career has been focused in the specialty fruit, vegetable and nut crops, however I now am spending considerable time in the commercial landscape market as well. Early in my career I provided CRM, design and sales services. More recently I have concentrated on market development, team management and strategic planning. I believe my experience at the field, distributor and manufacturer level gives me a unique perspective. My career passion is to provide practical solutions to help growers and property managers make better decisions by utilizing field proven technologies. 

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