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Advanced Guide: Tubing and Emitterline

Michael Derewenko
Michael Derewenko

Marketing Manager, JAIN IRRIGATION, INC

Tubing and emitter line are fast becoming basic components of every irrigation system. Although all tubing may look similar there are many differences. 
To save money some manufacturers are adding foams, fillers and other additives to resin used to make irrigation tubing. Unfortunately consumers pay for these cost cutting measures without any explanation about the compromise in material.
The Irrigation Industry is progressing through rapid changes. Most product and business innovations are helping industry suppliers provide better value for end users. However, not all changes are positive for users of irrigation tubing, emitterline and drip-tapes. With business pressures irrigation manufacturers have been faced with the past few years, (including reduced demand, over supply and investor pressure for increased profits) some companies have been innovating while others have quietly been cutting corners with the raw materials they are using. 
In this episode we’ll dive deeper into what landscape tubing is made of and what contractors should look for in the products they choose. We’ll also look at the differences in emitterline and how to upsell drip irrigation components to customers.
We look forward to you joining us  on Wednesday.

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Michael Derewenko
Michael Derewenko

Marketing Manager, JAIN IRRIGGATION INC.

Hailing from Central Florida Michael Derewenko has been in the irrigation industry since age 15. Beginning his career working for his father’s large commercial landscape company Michael quickly learned the importance of irrigating landscapes efficiently and effectively. With a strong background in pumps, two-wire systems and irrigation design, there is not much in irrigation that Michael hasn’t encountered. Now operating in Southern California as a Territory Sales Manager with Jain Irrigation, Michael is applying his vast knowledge of conservation-based products and experience in product development to a region that is in dire need of water resource management.