Everything You Need To Know About GardenComm 2022

September 14, 2022 12:00 pm
Chris Sabbarese

Digital Marketing & Communications – Corona Tools

GardenComm’s Virtual Conference takes place October 12 -14 with an incredible lineup of presenters. I think it’s hard to find such a diverse lineup of speakers so focused on the future of gardening and landscaping.

During the conference, attendees will hear from speakers on diseases, soil, resilient climate gardens, new plant introductions, and more (a total of 21 educational sessions).

In addition, a free session on September 29 featuring speakers from the Rodale Institute, Richard Restuccia from Jain Irrigation, and Davey Tree discussing water conservation and organic agricultural systems. You can find the link here.

Our guest this week is Chris Sabbarese, the new Executive Director of GardenComm. He tells us more about the four-day event and lets us know how we can best take advantage of everything offered to us during the event.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  1. What sessions at GardenComm are available for you to attend for free
  2. How to sign up for events
  3. What paid attendance provides
  4. How to promote your products at GardenComm
  5. How to network with other professionals in the industry

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday.

Chris Sabbarese

Digital Marketing & Communications, CORONA TOOLS

Chris is a marketing, communications and social media strategist for Corona Tools, a leading global brand and manufacturer of quality garden and landscape tools based in Corona, CA since 1928. Joining the organization in 2010, he manages the brand experience with end-users across all forms of digital and print media, website and e-commerce website, and developing digital content to engage, educate and support marketing efforts across the company’s distribution channels.

Prior to 2010, Chris spent 14 years in a product marketing, development and sales with a B2B audio technology firm, working directly with top consumer electronics manufacturers throughout the world. His experience brings a wide range of skills and know-how for bringing new products to market and effectively communicating how they benefit the customer.

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