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Fertigation for Indoor Growers

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Frank Toves


This week we are joined by Frank Toves, from Irrigation Design and Construction (IDC), to explain the basics of setting up a successful fertigation process for indoor growers. 

Frank discusses a step by step process for fertigation. He also shows how automation with irrigation helps growers reduce labor and increase yields.  

Frank looks forward to demonstrating the  and answering all the questions you have about fertigation. This is a unique opportunity to discuss fertigation with one of the experts in the industry. 

Frank Toves


Frank attended Cal Poly for Computer Science and has a history of technical and computer based skills. He began working in the agriculture industry in 2006 managing a local irrigation dealership in the Salinas Valley. Later he began doing sales and design both locally in Salinas and expanding down into Santa Maria and Oxnard. His dedication to doing what is best for the grower has allowed for him to build long term relationships built on mutual trust with his customers. This has been very helpful as Frank helps growers transition from conventional farming practices to the future of technology and automation. His background in computer science has allowed for him to lead the way for integrating technology with agriculture while his reputation lets his growers know that they will be supported every step of the way throughout the transition and learning process. Frank is recognized by the Irrigation Association as a Certified Irrigation Designer (CID), Agriculture Irrigation Specialist (CAIS), and a Certified Irrigation Contractor (CIC). As well as a Technical Service Provider (TSP) by the NRCS.